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How to pay for the new suburban hospital in the city

The new hospital is a suburban hospital that is slated to open in Israel’s northern Negev Desert by the end of 2019.

The facility is expected to have 4,000 beds.

The new hospital has been designed with three distinct types of beds: 1) “super-computers,” which will provide better medical care, 2) “medical rooms,” which are meant for patients who need to be admitted and 3) “intensive care units,” which provide the same level of care as a regular hospital.

The main focus of the new hospital will be on intensive care, and its main goal will be to reduce the amount of time people spend in the intensive care unit, which is a type of intensive care facility that is intended to relieve pressure on patients and improve their quality of life.

The first stage of the rehabilitation of patients will be carried out in a “supercomputer-only” setting, with a total of 1,500 beds.

The hospital will also be equipped with “solar power” to increase its efficiency.

The facility is designed to treat a total population of 300,000 patients.

It is located in a densely populated area of the Negeg Desert.

The building will have a capacity of 4,200 beds.

It will be designed to have a minimum of 1.5 beds per room.

The first stage is designed for patients with “diseases of the extremities,” such as “pneumonia, congestive heart failure, pulmonary hypertension and cerebrovascular disease,” and for those who are suffering from “fractures, fractures and fractures.”

It will also have a “clinical intensive care” ward, which will be used to treat “cases of acute pneumonia, traumatic cardiac events and other serious injuries,” and to treat patients who are “unable to receive care at home.”

The first phase of the facility is being developed with a goal of “increasing the capacity of patients in intensive care units to a maximum of 5,000,” according to the facility’s website.

The construction will take place on a public site, and the building is expected be ready for its first patients in 2019.

The city of Ramat Gan, located in the Negen area, will serve as the administrative center for the project.

According to the Ramat Gan site, the project will involve the “creation of a national, regional and international network of hospitals.”

The facility will also include a “hospital education and research center, a state-of-the-art outpatient clinic, a new medical hospital with a specialised care and rehabilitation facility, and a training and technical institute to help physicians in the field of intensive-care medicine.”

The site also mentions that the hospital will offer “a new environment for medical tourism, as well as a new approach for healthcare professionals.”

The city’s mayor, Yair Lapid, told The Jerusalem Mail that the new facility will be an “important step toward transforming the region and bringing about the return of our national health and the development of a modern healthcare system.”

“We must build a city that is truly Israeli, and we must build the new city,” Lapid said.

“It will be a historic step.”

The new construction will be located in an area that has been the scene of some of the worst violence in Israel.

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