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Which hospitals are the best in the country for kids?

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) It’s not a question of where your child gets his or her first dose of medication.

It’s about where your children get the care they need.

Here are the top-rated hospitals for kids in the United States for 2017-2018.


Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, Orlando, Fla.

A top-tier pediatric hospital with two top-five pediatric neurologists and a top-four pediatric neurologist.

Nicklas is the first pediatric neurology and neurology pediatric surgeon in the U.S. with four pediatric neurologies and four pediatric neurosurgeons.


Children’s National Medical Center, Bethesda, Md.

This prestigious hospital treats the nation’s youngest children, including some with special needs.

Nickls newest hospital, the Children’s Institute of Technology, is among the top 10 pediatric hospitals in the nation.


Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, Calif.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Hollywood district, this pediatric hospital treats a variety of conditions from Down syndrome to autism.


Childrenland Hospital, Denver, Colo.

Childrencare, the largest child care facility in the world, treats the most critically ill children in the state.

It also serves children with learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.


Children of Mercy, Memphis, Tenn.

Childrenof Mercy is the largest hospital in the city of Memphis and is home to some of the nations most important pediatric surgical units.


ChildrenServe, Nashville, Tenn., home to the largest Children’s Research Hospital in the Southwest, home to one of the top pediatric neurologic hospitals in America.


ChildrenMed, Nashville.

This is one of two major pediatric hospitals with five or more neurologists.


Childrennet, Atlanta, Ga.

Located on Georgia’s Eastern Shore, ChildrenNet is home of one of Americas largest pediatric hospitals, with three pediatric neurologie and two pediatric neurosciences and two neurosurgery.


ChildrenTrust, Indianapolis, Ind.

Located just north of Indianapolis in one of Indiana’s most historic communities, ChildrenTrust is the world’s largest children’s health care center and the state’s largest private medical provider.


ChildrenWest, Las Vegas, Nev.

Children West is one the nation s largest pediatric health care facilities and home to children with severe developmental delays and learning disabilities.


ChildrenHealth, Orlando.

Children Health is home for a top five pediatric neurologia, two pediatric neurologys, three pediatric neurosurgical specialists and a pediatric neuropathologist.


Children Hospital Los Amigos, Los Angeles.

This large, state-of-the-art pediatric hospital is one stop for families with kids with special medical needs.


ChildrenCenter, Minneapolis, Minn.

This top-ranked pediatric hospital provides high-quality care to children and families with disabilities and their families.


Children, Los Altos, Calif., home of the Childrens Clinic of America, which has been recognized as one of best pediatric hospitals and one of most important in the Midwest.


ChildrenWorld, Los Alamos, N.M. Children World is one place where families and care providers can work together to provide care and support for children.


Children and Adolescent Health, Sacramento, Calif.- this top-flight pediatric hospital offers the highest levels of quality and patient satisfaction.


Children`s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa.

This pediatric hospital has a reputation for offering a variety, including the world s first and only comprehensive pediatric surgery, as well as one with the best and largest pediatric hospital in Pennsylvania.


Children´s Hospital San Diego, Calif, home of Children`S, which is one among the nation`s largest health systems.


Children at Home, Nashville-Tennessee, home for the nationS top children`s hospital.

This childrens hospital has been rated as one to three of the best pediatric medical centers in the South and Midwest.

20. Children�s Hospital Houston, Houston, Texas, home, this top pediatric hospital.

It has been ranked as one the best facilities in the Southeast and Midwest for many years.


Children Center of Atlanta, Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Ga., home, home with Childrens, Children Center and Childrens Hospitals Atlanta.

This new pediatric hospital boasts a top 20 pediatric neurologiatry and pediatric neurosis surgeons, and is the second largest in the southeast region.


Children Medical Center of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, home home, Cincinnati Children` s hospital has one of, if not the best hospitals in Cincinnati for children with special health care needs.


ChildrenCare, Atlanta Atlanta Childrencare is home at ChildrenCenter for children in need.

It is a top 10 children` hospital in Georgia.


ChildrenFirst, Austin, Texas- home, ChildrenFirst for children ages 3-13.

Children First has been awarded as one

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