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St Anne’s Hospital: A fake hospital

An investigation by ESPN Crikey has revealed a number of hospitals in Germany are also under the control of fake hospitals.

The investigation, conducted by the University of the Free State’s College of Health Sciences, has uncovered several fake hospitals in which fake doctors are used to perform unnecessary procedures.

The University of Free State has teamed up with the German Institute for Infectious Diseases and Prevention (IID) to investigate the matter.

“We know that fake hospitals are used by doctors in order to keep their profession alive,” Dr Thomas Schein, the Institute’s director, said.

“But we have been working on this problem for many years.”

We know fake hospitals and fake doctors in general are used in order for the doctors to keep a job, according to the IID.

“It is very easy to create a fake hospital in order that a fake doctor can operate,” Schein said.

“The hospital is not a real hospital but it is a fake one which is being operated.”

The fake hospital was discovered by the IISD when it investigated a hospital in the German city of Frankfurt which was being run by an American doctor.

The fake doctor was using fake medical equipment and staff to perform a variety of surgeries.

Dr Schein told ESPN Clic that many hospitals were also being used as hospitals to “hide the truth” from doctors.

“Many of them are hospitals for the treatment of patients who are sick,” he said.

Dr Sebastian Stansall, an IID professor who has been researching the problem for years, said he hoped the investigation would help make people aware of the dangers of the fake hospitals, which were often operated by Americans.

“Fake hospitals are a new phenomenon, and we are working on how to better educate patients about these cases,” he told ESPN.

“This is why I think it is important to keep people informed about the risks and the possible consequences.”

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