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What you need to know about the Arkansans new medical marijuana bill

The Arkansan legislature passed a bill Tuesday that would make it legal for patients with epilepsy to obtain medical marijuana, a move advocates say will help ease the state’s chronic pain and other medical conditions.

The measure, sponsored by Republican Rep. Paul Stupak, has the support of medical marijuana advocates.

The bill would allow patients to receive up to 10 grams of marijuana per day, which would be enough to treat about 10 patients, the bill states.

It also would allow doctors to prescribe up to four ounces of marijuana-infused medicine, including one ounce for children under 12.

The bill also would set a limit of 10 plants per home and require patients to report their purchases to state regulators.

In addition, patients would have to obtain a state-issued identification card and pay a $50 fee to receive the marijuana.

The legislation also gives medical marijuana patients a certain number of days a year to use it and gives them the option of using a form of cannabis oil to treat their conditions, such as epilepsy or PTSD.

The new law would allow only patients who have been diagnosed with epilepsy or who have experienced other medical complications to receive medical marijuana.

It is a relatively small number of patients who would be allowed to get medical marijuana under the new law.

About 1.3 million people have been treated for epilepsy in the U.S. in recent years, according to the Epilepsy Foundation of America.

About 9,500 people in Arkansas use marijuana for their conditions each year, according the Arkansas Medical Association.

“This legislation is designed to ease the suffering of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, cancer of the spinal cord, multiple myeloma, cancer-related seizures, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis,” Stupas bill reads.

“By allowing patients access to the medication for their condition, this bill is also a step in the right direction toward reducing the number of people who suffer debilitating seizures.”

The bill’s author is Rep. Stupaks father, Rep. Mike Stupakis, a Democrat.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act would not legalize the cultivation, distribution, possession or cultivation of marijuana.

The House approved a similar bill last year, but it was vetoed by Gov.

Asa Hutchinson.

The Republican-controlled state Senate approved the bill last week, and the bill is expected to be heard in the state Senate in early February.

Hospitals, clinics, schools, & clinics to open in Bengaluru on February 8th

Hospitals and clinics will be opening in Bengalurys central city of Gandhinagar on February 7th, according to a tweet by the city’s Mayor and the Health Secretary.

In his tweet, Siddaramaiah said that “all the hospitals, clinics and other health services” of the city, “will be open on February 9”.

Bengaluru, one of India’s most populous cities, has a total population of over 30 crore.

How to make a $150,000 gift for a child with cancer: Tips and tricks

Posted September 01, 2018 11:37:00 The gift is for an unborn baby with terminal brain cancer.

Jackson Hospital, in Jackson, Arkansas, will send the gift for the child.

This is not a typical gift, said Dr. Sarah McKeown, the chief of the pediatric intensive care unit at Jackson Hospital.

She said she typically sends a gift to a loved one in their late 30s to early 50s.

But this child has been living for three months, McKeough said.

“We don’t typically give to anyone in their 40s,” McKeaugy said.

The gift is meant to be a way to help Jackson and its medical staff, said Robert Johnson, director of the Jackson hospital.

Jackson Hospital said in a statement the gift is “a testament to the power of a single person’s gift to heal and change the lives of so many people in our community.”

“It is an incredible privilege to give such a gift that will be meaningful to all of our staff and patients,” Johnson said.

Jackson was founded in 1873 and is the oldest hospital in the state, according to the National Registry of Historic Places.

It is part of the University of Arkansas System and the only university hospital in Arkansas.

The hospital was created in 1948 by the University Health System, which acquired the hospital from the University Hospitals in 1925.

“Jackson has long been a leader in health care and medical research, and it is only fitting that we provide a gift in the name of a child in need of medical care,” McEwan said.

The donation was a surprise, but it made it more special, Johnson said, adding that Jackson is a leader on the transplant front.

McEwan had to raise $100,000 to send the baby, and Johnson said that it was the gift’s ability to raise money for the hospital that made it special.

Jackson hospital donated $15,000 last year to the Jackson Medical Center for Children’s Hospital.

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