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‘The patient is a miracle’: Christiana Hospital doctors on how to save lives

In the last week, three people have died in the state of New Hampshire, including one who died of an infection at Christiana Medical Center. 

Three days later, in another incident, three doctors at Christian Hospital in New Hampshire were injured. 

“It’s a miracle that the patient is alive,” Dr. Michael Eberhard said, after examining one of the patients.

“There is a lot of trauma.

There are tons of medical devices, and it’s all wrapped up in a large, plastic bag.

And that’s all we have to do to bring her back.” 

On Monday, the New Hampshire Medical Society (NHMS) sent out a press release announcing the death of Dr. Robert P. Czajkowski, a doctor who worked at Christia Hospital for more than 20 years. 

The statement reads, “Today Dr. Czekkowska died due to complications related to a heart condition.” 

Dr. Czerkasz was admitted to Christiana on July 12, 2017, and was rushed to a hospital in Nashua, N.H., where he died on July 20. 

Dr Czawska was a cardiologist, a professor of medicine and a member of the New England Cardiology Society. 

Czajkska was the son of a doctor, Dr. Anthony Czjawski, and his sister, Dr Jennifer Czawkska, according to the hospital. 

After graduating from the University of Maine Medical School, Czcajkski moved to New Hampshire to become a family doctor. 

His father died in 2015, and he was the sole physician at Christi Medical Center, the hospital said. 

He was also the only physician in the hospital’s pediatric cardiac ward, according the NHMS. 

In a statement, the NHSS said Czajikska had “become an accomplished and devoted husband and father.” 

“His dedication to his family and colleagues and his compassion and commitment to others made him a valuable addition to our hospital community,” the statement read.

“His commitment to Christi’s patients and their families and to the profession he so loved is irreplaceable.” 

In the last few weeks, another nurse at Christion Medical Center has died of complications from an infection. 

According to NHMS, nurse Lauren E. Hester, 37, of Concord died of a bacterial infection on July 25. 

Hester was admitted into Christion’s neonatal intensive care unit on July 24. 

It is not clear if the infection was the result of an illness she received at Christie or whether the nurse contracted it while at Christional, but the hospital has not said how she contracted the infection.

Hester’s death comes as the NHMSS is trying to find out more about the infections. 

One of the nurses at Christiya, Liza Czanski, who was not treated as seriously as Dr. P.

Czawski due to her age, was also in critical condition after being discharged from Christi on July 26. 

Christia said that a nurse was discharged on July 23 from Christia’s intensive care ward for pneumonia. 

But the hospital told The Huffington Post that the nurse’s condition has improved and she is expected to be released soon.

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