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When a Baylor University doctor accidentally discharged a gun, he didn’t know it was loaded and shouldn’t have been put in a hospital bed

FOX Sports’ Joe Schad reports on the story of an accident that left a Baylor Hospital patient and his son on the floor of their hospital bed with a loaded .45-caliber handgun. 

The story of how Dr. Robert Hickey discharged the gun into a patient’s hospital room begins when a patient who has a serious injury to his arm went into the operating room and asked Hickey to put the gun in his patient’s chest. 

“You can’t leave it in there and have a bad outcome,” Hickey told his patient, who was a member of the Texas Rangers organization. 

After getting a medical discharge order, Hickey and his staff were informed by the Texas Health Department that they would not be allowed to use the gun. 

A nurse informed Hickey that it was “a legal weapon” and could not be discharged into a hospital. 

Hickey then realized the gun was loaded. 

He told his staff that he did not know it to be loaded, but did know that it should be put in the patient’s patient’s bed. 

When Hickey returned to the operating rooms, he was told that he would not have to put it in his bed, but that he had to put his gun into the patient, which he did. 

On Thursday, a Texas State Trooper was investigating the incident, and when Hickey learned that the gun had been discharged, he asked to see it. 

But Hickey was not allowed to examine it.

“The gun was in there.

It was loaded, and he said it was OK to have it in the room,” said Dr. Bob Hickey. 

As soon as he got out of the room, he put the patient on the ground, which is what happened. 

Dr. Hickey, who is a practicing neurologist, told Fox Sports that he didn�t realize what he had done and that he is very concerned about the safety of the public. 

(Watch video below) “I think I should have known, but I didn’t. 

I don�t know why he thought that the patient was OK, and I don�’t know why I didn�T see it, and it�s just very frustrating,” said Hickey who is also a paramedic. 

This story will be updated if and when it is confirmed that the hospital staff did not discharge the gun, or if the incident is being investigated. 

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