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How to spot the symptoms of pneumonia

New York’s first community-run hospital has seen its share of problems in its first few months of operation, but the hospital’s new owners are hopeful that things will soon turn around.

The New York City-based Newton Wellesley Hospital, established by former president Bill Clinton, opened its doors on Friday in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The hospital, which has been run as a non-profit since it opened its gates, has already seen some tough times.

On Feb. 6, the hospital announced that the hospital was forced to close its doors because of the Zika virus outbreak, and that it had to suspend its emergency room services because of severe overcrowding.

Newton Wellesley’s troubles, however, are far from over.

On Monday, a video surfaced showing a patient in the hospital, who was coughing up blood, having a seizure, and eventually being rushed to the hospital.

In an email to The Associated Press, Dr. Jonathan M. Brown, president and CEO of Newton Wellesys, said the patient was “overheated” in the emergency room and the patient’s parents were at the hospital at the time.

Brown also said that the patient, who had been admitted to the emergency department in a coma, had a heart attack, and was taken to the intensive care unit.

The patient died from his respiratory complications.

The patient had recently been hospitalized with pneumonia, Brown wrote.

“We had been working closely with the family to try and manage the pneumonia, and it was determined that the best course of action was to end this care at the moment.

As a result, we are now closing our doors to patients until further notice.

We are notifying our staff and patients of this decision as well as any other possible change in policy, including any changes in the patient and family status.”

According to the New York Daily News, some of the patients who were hospitalized were taken into custody after the video was uploaded to social media, but others were released on their own recognizance.

Brown told the newspaper that the video “was clearly an act of self-harm” and that his organization is cooperating with the police investigation.

Newman Wellesley, founded in 1996, has about 30 beds, the majority of which are staffed by community nurses.

According to the company’s website, it also provides emergency care and rehabilitation services, including mental health treatment and respite care for people with chronic illnesses.

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