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Florida hospital gives new nickname for animal hospital

The Florida Hospital for Animals in Tampa is giving its staff a new nickname — Code Blue.

The code word comes from a local pet owner who has a very rare disease, according to the hospital.

In addition to the new name, the hospital will now use the phrase “code blue” in its social media accounts.

The name Code Blue is an acronym for Code for Cats and Dog, which is an abbreviation for code.

Code Blue refers to the color that comes from the cat’s fur.

“The code comes from that color, and that’s how we refer to ourselves,” said the hospital’s director of public affairs, Michelle E. Boggs.

She said the name Code Green was chosen for the same reason.

“It’s a reference to our veterinary team, which has been really amazing,” Bogg, who has been a veterinarian for 20 years, said.

She says the hospital had no idea what the name would sound like.

“There are a lot of people who are passionate about their animals,” she said.

“We wanted to create a brand that really resonated with the public.

We also knew that we wanted to be respectful to the animals.”

The hospital, which opened in 2013, has about 4,000 cats and dogs in its care.

The hospital has been operating for a few months.

Brough said she’s been in communication with the local Animal Control Officer about the change.

She plans to post the change on the hospital website when she’s finished.

The change will also be made to the website for the Animal Control officers and the Animal Services Manager, who oversees all animal care.

She also said the department would change the way it handles complaints from animal owners.

“We have a policy of never charging for an animal in our system,” she explained.

“So, if an animal is reported, the vet will look at the paperwork and come to a conclusion about whether or not the pet is in need of care.”

She said there are currently two animal control officers in the Tampa Bay area.

She said one is an animal control officer and the other is an on-call animal control person.

What we know about the mysterious, mysterious hospital in Washington state that’s treating people with ‘terrible injuries’

The woman pictured here at the scene of the March 4, 2017, shooting at a Good Samaritan Hospital in Seattle was the mother of two children.

In a story that has spread like wildfire on social media, she says the gunman shot her in the stomach with a handgun, but the bullet did not penetrate her heart and she was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

The gunman was arrested, and police are still looking for him.

The Associated Press first reported the hospital was treating people suffering from gunshot wounds.

The hospital’s director, Dr. Stephen G. Mathers, told The Associated Statesman he had no idea the mother was in the hospital when he received the first call that her son was shot.

He had been told the shooter had fled the hospital, and he had tried to contact her, but had not heard back.

Mellowing on Twitter, Mather said he is still trying to piece together what happened on the morning of March 4.

The story on the Good Samaritans Facebook page is a little different, with a photograph of a child being transported in an ambulance.

The Facebook page has since been taken down.

A few hours after the story was published, the hospital announced it had treated 13 patients with gunshot wounds and was treating another five.

The shooter, described by some as a 26-year-old white man, was identified by authorities as Kevin Andrew Williams, of Everett.

Authorities said the shooter was not identified by the media or the media outlets who have identified him.

MCCA’s emergency medical technicians also treated five patients at the hospital for gunshot wounds, authorities said.

Authorities are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, with no suspect information.

Authorities were not immediately available for further comment.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting, but have not ruled out any possible motive.

The AP’s Kate Knibbs contributed to this report.

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