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The following hospital is located in the suburbs of Cairo.

This hospital is also known as the Midland Memorial Hospital.

It is also a major medical facility in the area.

This is one of the hospitals that has been hit by a number of bomb attacks.

The location of the hospital is the center of the city, about two kilometers away from the main hospital and the main gate of the Egyptian parliament building.

There are several locations in the city where you can visit the hospital, including the main gates, the main square, and the hospital grounds.

The building that houses the hospital has a large number of shops, and many hotels and other buildings.

There is also an airport in the suburb of Cairo where you could take the flight to Sinai.

The hospitals that are hit by bomb attacks have a different type of attack.

For example, the hospital in the central district of Sinae was bombed and was destroyed in mid-January.

The hospital is a main medical facility.

The bombs that were dropped on the hospital are classified as conventional or precision bombs.

They are made up of TNT, TNT-N-methylcyclohexane, or N-methyl-D-cyclohexylamine.

The most common bomb types that are used in this attack are the conventional bombs, such as the TNT-1.5 and TNT-2.0, and a number that are more precise.

These bombs are used mainly for military purposes.

This attack is also seen as the worst terrorist attack in the history of Egypt.

A number of other hospitals have also been hit, including that in the Cairo suburb of al-Kefraya, the largest medical center in the country, and in the western suburb of Rafah, which has a major commercial center.

This incident is also the worst terror attack in history.

Egypt has been under a state of emergency since March 25.

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