How to deal with fake hospital inova, hospital inva fairfax

Oct 15, 2021 Exercise

Here’s a simple guide to dealing with a fake hospital at the hospital in Virginia.


Get an identification document.

The person who claims to be the doctor should have a medical card.

This is very important, because the hospital will not accept any documents from the fake doctor.


Contact the hospital.

The hospital in the U.S. has a number of websites where they will help you find the hospital that you are in.

The site for this hospital in VA is

You can also call the phone number at the front desk to make an appointment.


Pay for the surgery.

The real doctor can pay for the operation.

You’ll also need to fill out a form to prove that you have a valid insurance.


Pay to get a copy of the hospital’s records.

They will need a copy to give to the hospital to check if the person who is claiming to be a doctor is actually a doctor.


If you are able, visit the hospital yourself.

You don’t have to get surgery, but it will give you a good look at how they operate.


Get help from a nurse.

The doctor will need to be in charge of the patient.

The nurse should be a nurse or certified nurse midwife.


Get a copy for your records.

You will need this document to prove to the nurse that you did get surgery.


Contact your insurance.

Your insurance company will need you to fill in a form where you prove you got the surgery and that you pay for it. 9.

Keep an eye out for the fake hospital’s signs.

If the hospital is not very well lit, you may see people walking around the facility in red or blue jackets with red and blue stickers.

You may also see a sign that says: “DO NOT CONTACT THIS PLACE.”

The hospital has to pay a fee for this sign, but you should be able to ignore it.

If your insurance company has been charged for this, contact your insurance agency to find out how to pay.


Call the hospital and tell them you had surgery.

They should call the hospital, and you can make an appointments appointment.

You should also tell the hospital if you feel sick or have a headache or need a doctor to come.

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