How to adopt an ‘animal companion’

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Here’s what you need to know to adopt a new pet or to take the plunge into the world of animal companionship.


Get a licence for your animal companion 1.1 You must have a pet license to keep your pet.

This will help you with paperwork and ensure that the animal is a licensed pet.

You can find out more about your pet’s licence here.

You must also have a ‘pets’ certificate to prove that your pet has met the standards for your licence.

You will need to get a pet licence for every dog or cat that you keep.


Get an animal licence number (AN-L) from the Australian Government.

This is the licence number for your pet and will be displayed in your pet account.

You need to provide this information to the AN-L.


Register your pet with the AN/AAQC.

You’ll need to register your pet, which is a quick and easy process that takes just 15 minutes.


You should take a photo of your pet in your new home.

You don’t need to have the photo taken or post it online.


Make sure your pet meets all the requirements of your licence, including keeping a minimum of four dogs and six cats.

You also need to be able to care for the pet for a minimum period of time of at least two years.


Make your pet your ‘housemate’.

Your new pet will be your ‘home’ in the household.

Your new companion will be the one who sleeps, feeds, brushes your teeth, cleans and treats your pets.

It will be a special place where your pets can share life-changing moments with you.


You may be able buy your new pet from a pet shop or breeder.

A pet shop will usually charge you a deposit for your new companion and you will need a deposit to pay for the animal’s cost.


You could take your new animal companion to a veterinarian.

Veterinarians are highly trained and have the expertise to help you care for your companion.

You are also able to get an animal license number ( AN-LA) from a vet.

This number will show you what your new dog/cat is approved for, and it will be registered with your vet.


You might need to find an animal welfare group to look after your pet for longer.

Animal welfare groups offer support and information to people looking to adopt animals, but these are not recognised by the Australian government.


If you have an animal in need of care, call Animal Aid.

They offer support to anyone who wants to adopt or find a new home for an animal.

They can help you find a local animal shelter, rescue and foster an animal or give you advice on how to find the right pet for you.


Find a new foster home for your dog or kitten.

If your dog is sick or injured, you may need to adopt him/her to a home for animals in need.

You and your new partner can also find out if you have to surrender your pet to the police or a local authority if it’s not registered with AN-WA.


Find an adoption agency in your area.

Adoptions can be expensive, and there is no guarantee that you’ll find a good home for the new pet.

If that’s the case, you might be able take out an ad on an online marketplace.


Your adopted pet may need vaccinations.

There are a range of vaccinations available for pets, so your adopted animal will need them.

They will be tested for allergies, diseases, parasites and other issues.

There will be vaccinations available at your new adoption centre.


Make a donation to ANSA.

This can help animals in our community and helps support the Australian Animal Health and Welfare Association.

Find out more here.


You’re likely to need to pay a deposit.

You pay $25 per day to register and you pay the deposit at the time of adoption.

If it’s your first pet and you’re worried about how much you’ll have to pay, you should contact your local council or the ANSA’s local office to find out how much it will cost to adopt your new pets.


You’ve been adopted by a friend or family member.

Now it’s time to find a home.

Contact the ANCA or your local organisation to find more information about how you can adopt your first animal.


You have a small animal and need help.

Find support online or call the ANHA or ANSA Animal Rescue.


You want to help your adopted companion become a pet owner.

Find local pet adoption agencies here.


You like the idea of owning your own pet, but you want to find someone who can help.

You or your partner can make a donation towards an adoption of your own.


You think you’ll be better off without an animal companion.

Find help with pet insurance here.


You believe

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