When a woman’s baby is born at the VA hospital, it’s considered a miracle

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AVA hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, has a storybook delivery.

For years, the staff at the Vail Health Center has been working in the evenings and weekends to deliver the new babies.

But it’s the most memorable part of their day, when a patient’s mother drops by to tell the staff she’s just given birth.

“We’re just so happy.

It’s just so special.

It is amazing,” said Vail Center Director and Director of Nursing Jennifer DeMille, who had just delivered a baby girl at the hospital on March 28.

DeMille says the staff’s excitement has a way of turning into dread as soon as the birth comes.

“There’s a lot of anxiety, so they’re so nervous.

There’s a big feeling of dread,” she said.”

They’re really anxious.

And we’re really nervous,” said DeMilles mom, Lourdes.

“I was a little bit nervous myself.

We just had a baby in here.

It felt like I was going to lose it.

Lourdes mother is so relieved that her baby is alive. “

It’s an experience that no one can duplicate, and it’s not something they think about a lot, DeMiles mom added.

Lourdes mother is so relieved that her baby is alive.

But she says she’ll always miss seeing her mother and her little girl at home, just sitting on the floor.

The hospital also has a small chapel where parents can sit and pray for the baby.

The chapel is just one of many places the Vails mother is thankful to have at home.

The other two spots are the hospital’s gymnasium, and a small library that has been a spot for kids in the past.

De Mille says that she hopes to keep the Vals on the road for the rest of their lives.

She also wants to keep this tradition going.”

I hope to continue it in the future.

I hope to keep it going for my family.

We just need to keep doing it.”

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