When a dog has to be euthanized: St Agnes hospital to help companion animals

Sep 14, 2021 Order Online

St Agne’s Hospital in Ontario, Canada, will soon be offering its animals a way to die if they have to go through intensive care or other surgical procedures.

The dog hospital has been providing care for companion animals for more than 40 years, but has recently been receiving more calls about the need for the service.

“It’s become more and more common that people have dogs, especially older dogs, and they need a service that they can trust,” said Dr. John Haggs, a veterinarian who works at the hospital.

The hospital will be opening a new facility on July 1 that will offer a euthanasia option.

The dog hospital will use the new facility to provide euthanasia to dogs older than six months old.

“We know euthanasia is a common and accepted practice for dogs, but in this case it’s not something we would have anticipated to have to do,” said Hagges.

“There’s a significant demand for euthanasia, so we’re hoping to attract more people who are comfortable with this service.”

Haggs said he and his staff have received a lot of calls in recent months from people who want to help pets.


The veterinarian said he’s received many calls asking if they can provide euthanization for companion pets, and he’s been working with the city to come up with a solution.

“One of the main reasons we’ve been able to do this is because we’re able to take care of these animals, and I think that’s the most important part of euthanasia,” he said.

Hogg said euthanasia has been available to dogs for about 50 years, and the hospital will only use it for dogs younger than six.

“I think it’s something that we’re definitely going to see in the future, and we’re excited about that,” he added.

Habbs said the euthanasia facility is located in the St Agnis building on the second floor of the building and is staffed by volunteers.

Huggs said euthanizing companion animals is not a new concept, and there are euthanasia facilities in every city.

“Every city has one, and if we could just come up to Toronto and we can just open the door to all of the city’s veterinarians, and everyone could just open up their own facility, then that’s a lot more realistic,” he explained.

Higg said the dogs will receive painkillers and other medications that will make them comfortable and comfortable to die, but Hagg said it’s important for the animals to know they have a choice.

“That’s one of the reasons we do the euthanase,” he noted.

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