How to save children’s hospital: ‘No one wants to die’

Jul 9, 2021 Exercise

The American Hospital Association is urging federal and state health officials to make sure the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is prepared to take care of more than 100,000 children in its care.

“Children’s hospitals across the country are being forced to close because they are unable to provide the critical care needed to save the lives of the most vulnerable in our society,” said AMA President and CEO Tom Frieden in a statement.

“CHOP’s staffs are understaffed and in need of the additional support and support services that CHOP is providing.

The American people deserve to know the answers to their questions and should be assured that our hospitals are doing everything in their power to keep our children safe.”

Chop was forced to shut its emergency room due to a shortage of beds.

The hospital has since reopened but remains in a state of disrepair and without a hospital administrator.

The city has spent $2.4 billion in the last five years on its emergency rooms.

The health department says it has spent nearly $10 billion to keep CHOP open and provide emergency care.

CHOP has said it needs to reopen to deal with a surge in the numbers of patients who need care.

The state of Pennsylvania is also planning to provide additional funding to the CHOP emergency room.

The funding will go toward building additional beds, upgrading equipment and hiring additional staff, the governor’s office said.

The city’s hospital system has been hit with a rash of closures in recent years, including one last year that left more than 3,000 patients without beds.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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