What to know about the emergency room bag controversy at the Mayo Clinic

Jun 16, 2021 Exercise

As doctors struggle to come to terms with the issue of bags in the hospital, a recent article in The Wall Street Journal offers some answers.

“There is a long history of doctors who have gone to great lengths to keep their equipment in their rooms, a practice known as the bagging method,” the article said.

“It’s a way to make sure the staff is well cared for and that their equipment is secure, with the baggie in place.”

Dr. Richard Stokes, a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, said the practice of keeping bags in a patient’s bag is well-established and has been used for decades.

“We’re really interested in the medical and research aspects of this,” Stokes said.

The bagging practice “is just a way of ensuring the hospital is secure and that they have access to the best equipment they can possibly afford,” Stoke said.

Mayo Clinic did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In recent years, hospitals across the country have become increasingly concerned about patient safety as more patients move to private hospitals and doctors have been moving to more secure environments.

As hospitals grapple with the problem, the Journal article suggests that doctors have a new tool to fight the problem.

“Doctors who have embraced the baggy bagging tradition say it has helped to reduce the number of accidents and injuries,” the Journal wrote.

“But there is a growing chorus of experts, hospital administrators and public health experts who warn that the practice is making patients more vulnerable to infection, including respiratory infections, cardiac infections and sexually transmitted diseases.”

The Journal article noted that the bagged bag is not a viable option for many people, and suggests that hospitals and health care workers should look at other options.

The Journal also noted that some doctors say they use a portable bed bag, which is typically filled with personal hygiene products, to help patients.

“Some doctors have suggested the portable bag might be a way for them to reduce or even eliminate the risk of infection,” the piece said.

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