How the UK is struggling to save patients from flu virus

Jun 15, 2021 History quizzes

The coronavirus has wiped out much of the UK’s flu-fighting capacity.

The UK’s coronaviral death toll has been at least 15,000 since March.

In a bid to get the UK off the brink of collapse, the Government has announced a new coronaviruses strategy, which will see it introduce the world’s most expensive coronavirentrial vaccines, which cost about £12,000 each, in a bid for quick recovery.

But the strategy has raised concerns among the public and health officials, who fear the move could have unintended consequences.

What we’re doing with these vaccines has got to be the most expensive thing we’ve done, said Sir Richard Burton, the former head of the British Medical Association, during a press conference on Tuesday.

“We’re now going to be spending money on something that is not necessary to save lives.

We’re putting money in a pocket that is going to end up paying for something that could actually make things worse,” he said.

More: The Government has also said it will introduce a national emergency plan, which includes setting aside £5 million to help people get on their feet.

And the NHS will be the first to receive a new pandemic pandemic strategy from the Government, which is due to be released later this week.

It is estimated that the pandemic will cost the NHS about £200 million.

At the press conference, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt also pledged to introduce a mandatory flu vaccination for all staff in all NHS trusts, with those who don’t need the vaccine exempt from it.

Hunt said the plan would cover 1.5 million patients and cover about 6,000 staff in NHS trusts by March 2018.

He said he expected it to save at least £150 million.

“The government is committed to taking on the challenges of the pandemics with the most vulnerable people in our country, the young, the disabled, the vulnerable and the sick,” Hunt said.

“We’re doing that by creating a new strategy that provides our NHS with the tools it needs to help us achieve that ambitious goal.”

Health experts have warned the Government will miss the target to vaccinate all staff by March 2019, and that a lack of funds will mean many patients will be forced to wait for treatment.

A government spokesperson said: “Our aim is to vaccine every person in the NHS within 12 months of the end of the coronaviolavirus pandemic.”

In the meantime, NHS staff will be exempt from the pandacare vaccine, as will other public sector workers.

Read more about the coronovirus: More stories from the UK:

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